I am Syrian journalist working in Bahrian.
I am the person who practices eagerly the profession of search for glory and trouble, Journalism.
The key points in my career are: my working as a political and economic reporter for about a year in the Office of the American Associated Press in Damascus, then working for a year and a half as an information officer at the University of Kalamoon, then moving to work at Syria News website as news editor and preparatory of political, economic and miscellaneous reports , then working for two years with the Addonia TV.
During his career.
I have built varied experience in print, electronic and visual media, with technical skills and knowledge required by each of those Media, in addition to building an extensive network of relationships with various community and with social, cultural, economic, political and other actors in Syria, and close ties with Syrian and Arab media and journalists working in it.
Early 2009, I founded “Al-Nasher Group” alnasher-group.com, which is five projects of independent media includes the website “academia.sy”, “Your Information Desk” service, which provide information services to businesses, “scrsyria.com” project, which deals with companies’ social responsibility, “Journalism by infection” training program, and “Jelna” magazine which is forthcoming.







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